Erasmus program 2019

Bournemouth – Ringwood

A következő két cikk két diák szemszögéből mutatja be a 2019-es angliai Eramus projektetet, melyek stílusosan angolul íródtak.

We arrived to the 3rd terminal of the Heathrow. That was a sunny day with 12 degrees in January! That was a 2 hours long bus trip to Ringwood where the host families were waiting to us. My host family with Solt was the Bergius family. Jeremy, Nina and the two children Mila and Finley. Nina, the mother was German, so we didn’t get disgusting and weird English foods. I think I don’t have to write down the whole week day by day, so the main things are: we had a lot of presentations about passive houses, about wind turbines and solar panels. Every nations did make their own one’s. The Germans about fossil energies, the English about wind and we about geothermal energy. Our presentation was on Wednesday. We had tours to different beautiful places of South – England: the Stonehenge, Salisbury’s Old Town, the Chanel. We stayed there from Sunday to Saturday, we were the only ones who travelled by plane. Last night the whole group went to a good restaurant in the city centre of Bourneouth. That was the Good Bye Dinner. Our family was really kind. We ate with them every night, the parents gave us their own bedroom. I talked about the number plates’ system with Jeremy. I liked the left-handed traffic, because I’m left handed too. Altough once when I went across the road I looked to the wrong direction and a car did almost hit me. So I really enjoyed it but the end I was happy when we arrived to Budapest at 22 o’clock.
07.03.2019 by Trisztán Majerik

We were in England on the third week of January. The topic was renewable energy. We made a presentation about geothermal energy. We learnt about windmills and the 20th certury’s energies. We visited many little towns, Salisbury, Swanage, which town is next to the sea and Bournemonth too. In Salisbury we could see the world’s oldest clock. We visited the Stonehenge too. It was amazing, and the most interesting thing is that nobody knows why people built it. The school is very familiar, the students were friendly, helpful and kind. They have little classrooms with little classes. I lived in West Moors with two German girls. My hostfamily was really kind and helpful. They could help me when I needed it. They showed us their neighbourhood and on the first day we went to the beach. Their daughter is the same age as me, so we could chat a lot. So I really enjoyed the whole trip and I learnt so much. It was a really nice opportunity to get to know new people and improve our knowledge. I’m really happy, that I could go to England. 07.03.2019 by Tímea Nagy

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